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Our membership consists of experienced and talented photographers, models, make-up artists, hair stylists, body painters and so on. There are plenty of people just like you that want to get into modeling. Feel free to jump in and meet the people that can get you on your way! If you don't have a portfolio of any kind right now, there are a ton of talented people willing to mentor you and get you started. See the photography & modeling mentor page for a list of people that are willing to help.

Right now the site is free and it will be forever. We will be granting some special abilities to people that pay for premium accounts, which will come later this year. Don't worry... our free package will continue to completely exceed all of our competitors, and will likely be similar to their VIP packages.

One of our primary missions with this site was to be sure that everyone gets credit for creating awesome images. No other site offers anything remotely close to the functionality we have created, because it isn't just another photo gallery, it is an actual networking tool where comments, awards, and praise are shared by everyone credited on a photo. Imagine viewing an image you really love and easily seeing who did the photography, modeling, lighting, clothing, hair, make-up, body painting, and so on! Everyone that had a role on an image has the ability to be credited for their effort and share in the comments and awards. Moreover, this same image can be used in the portfolios of everyone that had a role, so no more uploading of the same image by 18 different people who want to have the photo in their portfolio.

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